access? ?mobility? solutions offers a wide range of services for clients to enhance new and existing premises and to create facilities and services which are accessible to all people; from those with a particular disability, to seniors and parents with prams. We assist with achieving compliance with relevant legislation, access codes and regulations. We provide:

  • ?Access and Adaptability Reports for Development Applications and/or Construction Certificates?
  • ?Access Auditing of Existing Buildings, Playgrounds, Recreational Areas, Hotels, Streetscape, Transport Premises and Infrastructure?
  • ?Development of Disability Action Plans
  • Review relevant documents and policy
  • Plan Appraisals
  • Design Advice (Access Solutions)
  • Alternative Solutions
  • Site Inspections and Attendance of Site Meetings

These services help to provide clients with practical solutions that best satisfy the objectives of the Premise Standards and the Disability Discrimination Act.