About Us

access ?mobility? solutions has been established by George Saliba who is a registered member of ACAA ? Association of Consultants in Access, Australia.

George has more than 20 years experience in the architectural field and, in 2000, founded his own architectural business, studio4design. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) George used his knowledge of building and design to customise his home and workplace to suit his own access needs, gaining valuable experience in developing tailored access solutions. In creating access ?mobility? solutions, he now provides this service to others, in combination with extensive experience in both the creation and workings of the built environment.

?I believe that it was a natural transition to become an Access Consultant. As someone with first-hand knowledge of the architectural profession and, due to my illness, the experiences of a manual wheelchair user, I can provide a unique, dual perspective on access problems?.

?GOOD ACCESS has become an integral part of my life. I also live my life by my mantra:

?I cannot control the fact I have multiple sclerosis but what I can control is my attitude?

george saliba

With changes to legislation to deal with the changing needs of our population, GOOD ACCESS is increasingly becoming a significant issue for all of our community.

Whilst one may automatically think of people with a disability when considering access, parents with prams and the elderly also have access requirements.?access ?mobility? solutions would like to help to create a more accessible environment for EVERYONE.

access ?mobility? solutions, in conjunction with studio4design, aims to provide clients with effective, practical and cost effective solutions to achieve access compliance. Our skills and experience mean that we can contribute to all stages of a project, from concept design to construction. We believe that our early involvement can significantly increase the value and effectiveness of our service to our clients.