Livable Housing Australia

George Saliba Registered Assessor Livable Hosuing Australia Introduction What is Livable Housing Design? A livable home is designed and built to meet the changing needs of occupants across their lifetime. Livable homes include key easy living features that make them easier and safer to use for all occupants including: people with disability, ageing Australians, people with temporary injuries, and families... Continue reading

About Us

About Us access ?mobility? solutions has been established by George Saliba who is a registered member of ACAA ? Association of Consultants in Access, Australia. George has more than 20 years experience in the architectural field and, in 2000, founded his own architectural business, studio4design. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) George used his knowledge of building and design to... Continue reading

Legislation and Access Codes

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Services access? ?mobility? solutions offers a wide range of services for clients to enhance new and existing premises and to create facilities and services which are accessible to all people; from those with a particular disability, to seniors and parents with prams. We assist with achieving compliance with relevant legislation, access codes and regulations. We provide: These services help to provide... Continue reading


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